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About the program

The ICPS series takes place under the auspices of the Semiconductor Commission (C8) of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP).The scientific program of the ICPS-28 will consist of plenary sessions, parallel oral sessions and poster sessions. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee. Authors will be informed about acceptance by April 30, 2006. All accepted papers will be published in the proceedings.

The conference will cover all aspects of semiconductor physics, including :

1 Growth, surfaces, and interface
  1a Atomic and electronic structure
  1b Bulk growth and structural characterization
  1c Growth and structural characterization of   nanostructures, wires, and dots
  1d Interfaces

2 Bulk
  2a Structural and electronic properties
  2b Optical properties, excitons
  2c Carrier dynamics
  2d Lattice dynamics
  2e Transport, localization
  2f Amorphous materials

3 Defects and Impurities
  3a Shallow centers
  3b Deep centers

4 Wide-Band-Gap Semiconductors
  4a Growth
  4b Optical studies
  4c Electronic properties, transport
  4d High-k-materials

5 Molecular systems and organic semiconductors

6 Heterostructures, quantum wells, superlattices; 2D nanostructures (including graphene)
  6a Electronic structure
  6b Interband transitions, excitons and exciton   condensation
  6c Nonlinear optical studies
  6d Carrier dynamics, relaxation
  6e Intersubband transitions
  6f Terahertz and quantum cascade structures
  6g Transport, tunneling, high-frequency transport
  6h Phonons, plasmons
  6i Hybrid structures

7 Physics in the QHE regime

8 Nanostructures: one- and zero-dimensional systems
  8a Electronic properties, transport: wires
  8b Electronic properties, transport: dots and coupled dots
  8c Optical studies: wires
  8d Optical studies: dots and dot molecules
  8e Ultrafast, coherent and non-linear optical studies
  8f Carrier dynamics, relaxation
  8g Nanotubes
  8h Nanocrystals

9 Semiconductor quantum electrodynamics, strong   coupling
  9a Theoretical aspects
  9b Decoherence in semiconductors
  9c Semiconductor q-bits, atom chips

10 Quantum information and processing

11 Microcavities and photonic crystal structures

12 Semiconductor Spintronics
  12a Magnetic and semimagnetic semiconductors
  12b Spin injection and spin transport
  12c Optical studies and spin dynamics
  12d Nuclear spin interactions
  12e Spin manipulation and detection
  12f Devices

13 Applications and Devices
  13a Electronic devices
  13b Photonic devices
  13c Terahertz and cascade lasers
  13d MEMs and NEMs
  13e Novel device concepts

14 New Materials, Concepts and Techniques
  14a Materials and growth
  14b Experimental techniques
  14c Theoretical techniques

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We wish to thank the following for their contribution to the success of this conference: European Office of Aerospace Research and Development, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, United States Air Force Research Laboratory.(www.london.af.mil)
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